Water Problem to be Fixed in Atenas

The wait will soon be over. The courts have decided on the side of Atenas receiving the water from Los Chorros in Grecia, whether it is designated a protected area or not. They decided on the side of humanity. Construction of the pipelines is ongoing with a deadline of September and La Nacion national newspaper has declared that it will be finished by October and water will be restored. This would be just in time for the dry season and areas of Atenas that were only receiving water a few hours a day will have water available all day and night. This shortage of water was a major problem causing higher rates of dengue and illness as well as school closures because there wasn’t water to maintain the bathrooms and cleaning. Construction that had come to a halt in most areas will be able to resume as well. We will keep you updated, but the water issue will be a thing of the past.

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