Stage of Life and Housing Needs


Thinking about your stage of life will help you determine what you should be looking for in a home.  Choosing something that doesn’t work for your current and immediate future needs will only make you unhappy.  So, where are you at?

1)      Are you starting life and need something simple and small?  Starter homes with two or three bedrooms are great and inexpensive options.

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2)      Are you expanding your life and want something bigger and more elegant?  Three bedrooms or more can make life easier for families or for people with visitors.

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3)      Are you wanting something that will earn you money?  Bed and Breakfasts or small hotels can give you the “home” business that will bring in income while allowing you to live there.  Also, homes that have “guest houses” can not only be used for guests, but rented out as well.

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4)      Are you in your prime and want luxuries?  Ready to treat yourself to the luxurious life?  There are some truly incredible properties with amazing views, pools, and high end details to give you those pleasures.

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5)      Are you wanting a vacation home?  In this category, you really need to decide if you want to buy and either leave it empty or rent it while you are gone, or if you would rather just rent while you are here.  Shared ownership can also be a good option, especially among family.

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6)      Are you ready to simplify, downsize, and not have so much work to do?  Look for a community that provides access to the luxuries but without the work.  Oro Monte in Naranjo is a good option for that.  Luxury homes with three bedrooms, this community has a general club house and pool for the community and can provide all the landscaping and maintenance.  Just move in and enjoy.

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No matter what you choose, Tristan & Newton Real Estate can find exactly what you want.  Names to Trust…Homes to Cherish.   Facebook, Website, or YouTube, you can find us anywhere. 



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