Solutions for your Water Problems


Water problems.  Boy do we have them in all shapes and sizes in Costa Rica.  I was presented with two terrific water solution options the other day that I just have to pass along.  One involves battling mineral buildup in your pipes and the second is trying to find better ways to keep your pool clean.

Have you had problems with your water pressure going down?  Are you tired of trying to clean off the limestone that gathers on your shower head, tiles and doors?  Does your skin feel dry?  The hard water, which is so common in Costa Rica and has lots of hard minerals are causing these problems.  20171109_102132Over time, your pipes can get closed off from the mineral buildup inside them.  This requires replacement of pipes which can get very expensive.  I hadn’t had any recommendations or heard of real solutions to this problem until I was presented with the Calmat system the other day.

The Calmat system is now being offered right here in Atenas and it is an efficient and relatively inexpensive option for your home. Way less expensive than replacing your pipes. This eco-friendly system doesn’t use chemicals or salt and can work on all types of pipes.  I don’t want to confuse anyone or misquote the way it works, but it basically changes the shape of the calcium particles so that they flow on through your pipes instead of getting stuck along the way.  No minerals are actually removed; the flavor of your water is not changed. You simply don’t get the buildup or rust that the minerals cause.  20171109_101755The system saves money on the pipes themselves, but the softer acting water means that cleaning materials such as laundry detergent and shampoos work better as well so you can use less.  Your water pressure will also return over time, because not only does it prevent more buildup, but it slowly eliminates the current buildup. It really is amazing.

The estimated cost for a smaller home is around $650 plus installation at $50 (any needed materials are extra but like the install are not expensive) or you can install it yourself. It is quite simple if you are the least bit handy around the house, and it is guaranteed for 5 years (when installed properly) with an estimated life of 30 years which comes to about $2/month (while saving your pipes, shower heads and faucets.) Operating costs are less than $5 to around $7 per year depending on which unit you need.  It is manufactured in Germany which alone lends confidence in its quality.   I really think it should be installed from the beginning in every home that is built.  For me, this is a truly worthy investment.

The secondary issue is with trying to keep pools clean.  It is a constant battle.  Using chemicals is awful and expensive, but if you don’t, the maintenance is impossible.  What if you could throw a little floating device in your pool and it could use the sun’s rays to ai20171109_100114.jpgd in disinfecting the water and prevent algae buildup?  You can!  This device by Hilltop Solar uses solar panels on a floating device to generate direct electrical current (about 2 watts) which ionizes metal from an anode to aid in disinfecting the water.  The cost savings alone in reduced pool chemical costs and reduced electricity is expected to give a recuperation of its costs in just a few months. Imagine the savings you might realize. All for less than $200 total out of pocket. Yes, you still have to do a little cleaning, but it greatly reduces the time and chemicals needed.

I rarely promote products in my blog, but when I hear of something that works so well for complaints that I hear all of the time, the information should be passed along so that everyone has the opportunity to check into it.  The fabulous part is that both of these products are now handled by a distributor right here in Atenas.  Jim Livingston is bringing them in direct so you don’t even have to worry about importing them or installing them correctly.  You can contact him at or 6032-2195.  I truly hope that many of you will take advantage of this opportunity. If you contact Jim and mention you heard about his products here, he will give you 50% off the cost of the labor for installation if you complete your purchase before Dec. 31, 2017.

Tina Newton is a part-owner and agent of Tristan & Newton Real Estate in Atenas, Costa Rica.  She has lived here for almost 19 years and is always open to answering any questions real-estate or non-real-estate related.  You can contact her at, on the Facebook page, or through the website. 


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