Seasons in Costa Rica


Seasons in Costa Rica are called different names. Depending on the person, they may be called High/Low, Summer/Winter, or Dry/Green. If you are in the tourism business, you probably refer to the seasons as High or Low season, because most of the tourists tend to come in December and January and then it drops off from May to October (low season). Ticos will call it Summer or Winter, with Summer being the dry season from November through April and Winter being the rainy season from May to October. I prefer to call them dry seasons or the green (rainy) seasons. Why?  Well, working internationally, if I refer to “Summer” then I have to clarify whether it is summer in North America or summer in Costa Rica.  And it’s really never “Winter” here as it never gets cold.  So, I stick to the terms, “Dry” and “Green”. 

As mentioned above, “Dry” season is from November through April and “Green” season is from May to November. I should clarify this designation is for Atenas.  The Caribbean side is actually a little different.  The “Dry” season (in Atenas) gives beautiful sunny and less humid days and cool nights.  This is why people come to Costa Rica during this time.  However, prices go up in hotels and housing because of the increase in tourists as well as locals being on vacation.  Also, by the end of the dry season, things start to go brown and there can be shortages of water.  The “Green” season, again in Atenas, is typically sunny in the morning with a rain in the afternoon.  Some parts of Costa Rica (especially in the South) do get far more rain during this time.  Everything greens up and gives the true “rainforest” feel. 

So, when is best to come to Costa Rica?  Both seasons are great.  September and October can get a little too rainy and I look forward to the dry season starting, but then by April, we are all hoping for rain.  The nice thing about the green season is that prices are cheaper and housing is more available.   A couple of months ago, no rentals were available and now we have some really great rentals on the market at a great price.  Even sale prices have gone down.  So, come and enjoy the green season.20160104_150626

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