Location, Location, Location


Location, location, location—as  they say , the three most important things in real estate.  So, where do you start?  First, you’ve decided to come to Costa Rica.  I hope you’ve at least visited a few times first and for many, renting for a little while is a good way to start.  Costa Rica is a beautiful and wonderful country, but you have to understand that it isn’t the U.S.  Pura Vida is not for everyone. So, once you’ve tested it out, then what?  Pick a town or area.  Do you want city or small town?  Do you want beach atmosphere, mountain living, or somewhere in between.  Of course, my personal favorite is Atenas with the small town, traditional Costa Rican feel, but only 25 minutes away from the mall and an hour from the beach. Whichever city you choose, you should consult someone or several “someones” who have been there long enough to guide you in the next steps.  Now, you have to choose an area of town.  You might not think it is important in a small town, but you have to evaluate whether you like the security of a residential community or prefer to be mixed in more with the local community.  Both have their benefits.  Residential communities are surrounded by nice properties, but don’t have a lot of the traditional feel.  On the other hand, community living is wonderful, but barking dogs and roosters are a common part of the package.  Knowing where water or internet is available is crucial too.  Know where power lines are going in and where expansions might put you up against the main road.  Which schools are close by and would be convenient enough to get to?  These are only a few examples of things you should consider.   Check out the website www.tnrealestatecr.com and follow us on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/tnrealestatecr/ for continued updates on new properties.

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Note:  Tina has been a resident of Atenas for 17 years and raised two children there.  She is always glad to answer any questions about the town or culture in addition to real estate issues through Tristan & Newton.  Email at tina@tnrealestatecr.com.


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